The Catch Share Design Team trains and educates fishery managers, fishermen, government officials, and other stakeholders to design and implement rights-based management programs. Our innovative research and analysis help managers solve environmental, social and economic problems to produce sustainable and profitable fisheries through market-based conservation tools. As the leading authority on catch shares, we are uniquely positioned to help fisheries thrive.

The catch share team

Pamela Ruiter
Senior Project Manager
Kate Bonzon
Vice President, Oceans
Cristina Villanueva
Project Manager, Mexican Fishery Partnerships
Andrew M. Hutson
Senior Director
Denise Choy Stetten
Director, Operations & Program Management
Tim Fitzgerald
Director, Impact
Rod Fujita
Director, Research & Development
Merrick Burden
Director, Opportunities and Outcomes & Senior Economist
Sarah Poon
Director, Design & Capacity Development
Phoebe Higgins
Senior Manager, Impact and Director, California Fisheries Fund
Helen Takade-Heumacher
Senior Scientist
Kristin Kleisner
Senior Scientist, Oceans
Senior Manager, Opportunities and Outcomes
Jeff Young
Senior Specialist, Training & Design
Alexis Bolton
Project Manager
Alexis Rife
Senior Manager, Engagement & Design
Kendra Higgins
Fishery Training and Tools Specialist
Jennifer Couture
Economic Policy Analyst
Nicole Sarto
Specialist, Diagnostics & Design
Allison Cardoso
Senior Assistant
Program Assistant
Willow Battista
Kravis Post-Doctoral Science Fellow
Roger Arliner Young Marine Conservation Diversity Fellow