A Framework for Allocating Fishing Rights in Small-Scale Fisheries

The FAO Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Small-Scale Fisheries have called out the need to provide secure tenure rights as a means of securing livelihoods, promoting food security, and poverty alleviation, all of which can support the human rights of small-scale fishers. However, there are few examples to be found in the literature of the necessary processes and mechanisms for allocating such rights to small-scale fishers.

Emerging Frontiers in Social-ecological Systems Research for Sustainability of Small-scale Fisheries

Small-scale fisheries (SSF) account for most of the livelihoods associated with fisheries worldwide and support food security for millions globally, yet face critical challenges from local threats and global pressures. We describe how emerging concepts from social-ecological systems thinking can illuminate potential solutions to challenges facing SSF management, with real-world examples of three key themes: (1) external drivers of change; (2) social-ecological traps; and (3) diagnostic approaches and multiple outcomes in SSF.

Assessing and Managing Data-limited Ornamental Fisheries in Coral Reefs

Coral reefs support numerous ornamental fisheries, but there are concerns aboutstock sustainability due to the volume of animals caught. Such impacts are difficult to quantify and manage because fishery data are often lacking. Here, we suggest a framework that integrates several data-poor assessment and management methods in order to provide management guidance for fisheries that differ widely in the kinds and amounts of data available.

FISHE Webinar

The Framework for Integrated Stock and Habitat Evaluation (FISHE) equips fishery managers with a low-cost and highly effective online resource to assess and sustainably manage their data-limited fishery. FISHE simplifies the intricate fishery assessment process by walking users through a structured step-by-step framework that combines multiple methods. This webinar will walk users through the FISHE framework and describe how EDF has worked in Belize to implement this data-limited approach. Visit the tool: fishe.edf.org


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