The threats of overfishing are far-reaching

OverfishingOverfishing is one of the most urgent problems facing the ocean today and is the single biggest cause of depleted fisheries worldwide. It affects the 3 billion people who rely on seafood as a source of protein and millions more that rely on healthy fisheries for their livelihoods. It harms biodiversity and fish abundance and reduces ecosystem productivity and resilience. And poor fisheries management costs the world’s fisheries $83 billion annually.

Globally, nearly two-thirds of ocean fisheries are in trouble. And many have already collapsed. This is an urgent problem that is worthy of an urgent solution. There have been many approaches to stop overfishing, but many fail to align the long-term sustainability of fisheries with the practical but short-term needs and pressures on fishermen.

EDF believes such alignment and that secure fishing rights play an integral role in the redesign and rebuilding of our ocean resources. By getting the right solutions in place to rebuild depleted fisheries, we could increase global fish abundance by 50%, seafood yields up to 40%, and revenues by nearly 30%.