Design Manuals

The design manuals and supplemental guides will help chart your path to a more sustainable and successful fishery.

Resource downloads: 

Whether you’re a fishery manager, fisherman, practitioner or any other fishery stakeholder, our design manuals can help you design a secure fishing rights program, address existing challenges and maximize potential benefits. Most importantly, these tools are not prescriptive; rather they offer a series of questions whose answers help guide and inform the catch share design process.

 Using the design manuals, fishery practitioners can:

  • Access a step-by-step roadmap for designing a customized secure fishing rights program to meet your fishery’s goals.
  • Access detailed guidance on the design of group-allocated secure fishing rights programs, commonly referred to as “Cooperative catch shares.”
  • Design area-based catch shares, commonly referred to as Territorial Use Rights for Fishing (TURFs).
  • Review approaches for science-based management of fisheries, even in the absence of good data.
  • Identify strategies and design programs to reduce discards, improve fishing techniques, improve accountability and compliance with discard reduction regulations.