Project Site Comparison Tool

Select sites for a project based on criteria deemed important for the overall strategy.

Determining project sites, fisheries, or communities to begin working with is an important step for many fishery reform strategies. Project organizers may need to narrow down potentially hundreds of possible coastal communities or fisheries to just a few as they begin a pilot project. The fitness of a site may be project-dependent and the characteristics of an appropriate site often vary based on the project’s goals. The Project Site Comparison Tool outlines an approach to guide the selection of fishery reform project sites based on criteria that are driven by project goals and strategy. With this tool, fishery practitioners can:

  • Customize criteria for selecting a site for the project.
  • Evaluate sites based on agreed upon and consistent criteria, goals and metrics.
  • Eliminate sites that do not match predetermined criteria.

Fishery practitioners can use the outputs of the tool to discuss the merits of each site as a project location and prioritize sites for reform based on project goals.