Fishery Systems Mapping Tool

Diagnose the major institutions and entities within the fishery system, their influence and their interest in improving fisheries management.

Most fisheries have many activities that contribute to their functioning, including science, regulation, and enforcement; however, the groups or individuals responsible for carrying out these functions and the relationships between them may vary depending on local conditions. Identifying these stakeholders and their roles within a fishery system can provide context and inform strategies for implementing sustainable fisheries management. The Fishery Systems Mapping Tool helps define the functional roles of stakeholders in a fishery system, clarify the interactions between each group and compare their influence and interest in improving fisheries management. With this tool, fishery practitioners can:

  • Develop knowledge about the stakeholders present in a fishery system.
  • Evaluate the relationships between fishery stakeholders and visualize the interactions between them, including the flow of information and influence.
  • Assess gaps in capacity and challenges to fishery sustainability.
  • Identify potential partners and strategic opportunities for improving fisheries management within a fishery system.

Once completed, fishery practitioners can review the suggested approaches for engaging with stakeholders and design fishery reform programs based on fishery-specific circumstances.