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Environmental Defense Fund's Sustainable Fisheries Toolkit is the leading online resource for science-based information on rights-based management. No single organization in the world has invested more time or resources on rights-based management or education. Browse our Fisheries Tool catalog below.

  • The CARE tool is used to quantify the climate change vulnerability and general resilience of the marine ecosystem, as well as the threat of fishing relative to other non-fishing threats, in order to determine impacts on the potential success of fishery management.
  • Our publications highlight how good rights-based management design and accompanying tools can address existing challenges and maximize potential benefits.
  • Developing a deep understanding about the condition of a fishery across bio-ecological, governance and management, markets and finance, and socio-cultural systems is important for determining challenges and opportunities to sustainable management. Use this tool to diagnose the current conditions of the critical components for sustainable fisheries at a site.
  • This User Guide accompanies the Diagnostic Scorecard. Download this User Guide for detailed instructions on using the Tool.
  • The practice of discarding—or returning a portion of the catch, dead or alive, to the ocean before offloading—has been a wasteful issue in fisheries for decades. The discard manual can help fishery stakeholders design a management system that aligns incentives to reduce and potentially eliminate discards.
  • The EM Cost Calculator Tool is designed to help calculate the costs involved in implementing an Electronic Monitoring (EM) system for a wide range of fisheries in the United States. The costs of implementing an At-Sea Observer (ASO) based system are also calculated for comparison purposes. Cost estimates are based on current (2017) data collected through interviews with EM and ASO providers, as well as estimates found in the literature.
  • The EU Discard Reduction Manual is tailored to the EU context and was written specifically to help EU fishermen, fishery managers and Member State regulators find ways to successfully implement the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) landing obligation requirements.
  • The Framework for Integrated Stock and Habitat Evaluation (FISHE) is a step-by-step process for providing scientific guidance for the management of data-limited fisheries.
  • Although billions of dollars of investment go into fisheries every year, very little is directed to making fishing more sustainable. Access tools and resources for investors and others interested in attracting new and more sustainable private capital to support the transition to sustainable fisheries globally.
  • Successful fisheries management is dependent upon timely data collection and analysis. A guide to evaluate, design and implement an effective fishery monitoring program that incorporates electronic monitoring and electronic reporting tools.