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  • Many tools have been developed to support measuring and evaluating fishery performance. The Fishery Performance Indicators (FPIs), developed by Anderson et al.*, are a flexible assessment tool designed to assess the state of individual fisheries in terms of ecological, economic and social performance. The FPIs can build a holistic understanding of the performance of a fishery and the communities it supports.
  • Determining project sites, fisheries, or communities to begin working with is an important step for many fishery reform strategies. This tool outlines an approach to guide the selection of sites for a project based on criteria deemed important for project goals and strategy.
  • This User Guide accompanies the Site Selection Tool. Download this User Guide for detailed instructions on using the Tool.
  • In order to better understand the characteristics of sustainably managed fisheries, it is useful to outline their key attributes. This tool assesses the presence or absence of attributes often associated with sustainable fisheries management.
  • This User Guide accompanies the SEASALT Evaluation. Download this User Guide for detailed instructions on using the Tool.
  • A TURF-reserve is a spatial fishery management approach often used for small-scale fisheries. This tool allows managers helps managers select TURF-reserve designs to meet fishery goals.
  • The Virtual Fisheries Academy currently offers interactive e-courses on Fisheries Management, Territorial Use Rights for Fishing, and Data-Limited Fisheries Management.