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Design manuals

Whether you’re a manager, a fisherman, practitioner or any other fishery stakeholder, our manuals and supplemental guides will help chart your path to a more sustainable and profitable fishery. Our publications highlight how good rights-based management design and accompanying tools can address existing challenges and maximize potential benefits. Most importantly, these tools are not prescriptive; rather they offer a series of questions whose answers help guide and inform the catch share design process.

Supplemental Guides

Design stories

Explore the design possibilities of rights-based programs by reading our design stories about diverse fisheries around the world that have tailored these programs to meet their unique needs. Each report highlights the key decisions made for each of the seven steps in designing the RBM program, as well as the fishery's history and performance.


As of 2013, about 200 rights-based management programs exist worldwide, managing more than 500 different species in 40 countries. Explore these infographics to learn more about where fishing rights are helping fish stocks and fishermen.