Case Study
Latin America & Caribbean

Ricardo Alvarez utilized the CARE tool to conduct an ecosystem risk assessment for a multispecies finfish fishery in the Los Ríos region of Chile. Part of a greater process to develop a Fishery Management Plan using EDF’s FISHE methodology, Ricardo was able to interview a diverse set of stakeholders and, using CARE, determine the major threats facing the fishery and ecosystem.

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I would recommend CARE 100% - for anyone who needs to do an ecosystem assessment, and especially for those working in a data-limited, small-scale fishery, with limited time.

Ricardo Alvarez

Ricardo Alvarez: "I am a marine biologist with extensive experience working with artisanal fishers on sustainable development projects. I grew up in Valdivia, Chile on the coast of southern Chile. My father was a fisher and Sierra is one of the species he caught. My background is in marine biology, but I have worked on projects related to the ocean from a variety of perspectives - fishers, fish, the marine environment. I started working with EDF as a consultant on their small-scale fishery projects in southern Chile and this role led me to using the CARE Tool."

CARE in Action

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CARE works well for small-scale fisheries with limited data and produces results that are coherent and logical for our system or how we see our system.

Ricardo Alvarez

Advice from the User

Ricardo: "I would recommend CARE. The tool works for various reasons. First, you’re asking questions to people that have necessary, yet unknown information, so you can get the results. It allows you to evaluate information and data that you don’t have. And it’s a quick evaluation, very functional and useful.

To other CARE users I recommend taking advantage of the EDF staff for support and guidance. Meeting with the EDF staff that created and manages the tool was helpful for me, as they explained and taught how to use some of the details of the tool. I recommend you explore the tool with people that have used it before or ideally with those who created it. That can help you a lot. The EDF staff provided a lot of feedback and advice.

Another piece of advice is to take care in recruiting participants who really know the local environment and/or have experience in the fishery both past and present. This will ensure the responses are applicable to the fishery being analyzed and that changes over time are accounted for. 

Overall, I recommend CARE, especially for anyone who needs to do a system evaluation of a small-scale, data-limited fishery and has limited time. Using the tool allows you to save time, have concrete results in a short time, and results will be based on the people involved in the management plan."