In strategic scoping, fishery practitioners explore challenges, opportunities and goals within a region and develop a strategy for working in a fishery system. Resources in this phase support research and analysis to better understand the contextual landscape, including relevant stakeholders and their interests, potential partners, strategic opportunities, and an understanding of the political and governance system. Scoping often helps identify a set of initial focal areas for reform based on goals and an approach for scaling fishery reform efforts.

Featured tools

Systems Mapping

Fishery Systems Mapping Tool

Diagnose the major institutions and entities within the fishery system, their influence and their interest in improving fisheries management.


Fisheries Policy Governance Analysis

Fisheries Policy and Governance Analysis

Evaluate the efficacy, strengths and weaknesses of fisheries policy and the governance system.


Supplementary tools

Modeling Potential Futures

Bio-economic modeling can reveal the economic and ecological potential of different management decisions under different climate scenarios.