EDF’s Fishery Solutions Center (FSC) designs and develops innovative fishery management tools and strategies that reverse overfishing and restore our oceans to abundance. Our staff of scientists, economists, finance specialists and fishery management experts is dedicated to providing data-driven and incentive-based solutions that provide more fish in the sea, more food on the plate, and more prosperous communities.

From developing innovative data collection programs to designing flexible management plans, we work with conservation groups, fishers and governments around the world that seek new approaches to fishery management; ones through which oceans – and the communities they support – can thrive. We work on fisheries small and large, and in developing and developed countries.

The Fishery Solutions Center Team

Kate Bonzon
Associate Vice President
Andrew M. Hutson
Senior Director
Denise Choy Stetten
Director, Operations & Program Management
Tim Fitzgerald
Director, Impact
Rod Fujita
Director, Research & Development
Jake Kritzer
Director, Diagnostics & Design
Phoebe Higgins
Senior Manager, Impact and Director, California Fisheries Fund
Merrick Burden
Senior Economist
Kendra Higgins
Helen Takade-Heumacher
Senior Scientist
Manager, Northeast Coastal Ecosystems
Karly Kelso
Manager, Asia Pacific Engagement
Alexis Bolton
Project Manager
Sarah Poon
Manager, Training & Development
Alexis Rife
Manager, Diagnostics and Design
Jeff Young
Senior Specialist, Training & Design
Fishery Training and Tools Specialist
Roxanne Nanninga
Senior Specialist, Seafood Markets Strategy
Jennifer Couture
Economic Policy Analyst
Nicole Sarto
Asia-Pacific Fisheries Associate
Fisheries Finance Manager
Allison Cardoso
Senior Assistant
Jordan Williams
Roger Arliner Young Marine Conservation Fellow
Shiyin Chen
Asia-Pacific Legal Fellow
Willow Battista
Kristin Kleisner