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FISHE Webinar

Learn more about FISHE by watching this webinar. 

"What's the Catch?" fishing game

Interactive exercise and icebreaker to help participants explore the concepts of fishing, open access, tragedy of the commons, and the role of incentives and behavior in management design.

fishing game

FishBase Nutrient Analysis Tool

The FishBase Nutrient Analysis Tool is a model that uses species-specific information housed in FishBase to predict concentrations of seven key nutrients (calcium, iron, omega-3, protein, selenium, vitamin A, and zinc) for the world’s marine and inland fish species. This work was a partnership of WorldFish, Lancaster University, and Dalhousie University with funding from the Minderoo Foundation and the CGIAR Research Program on Fish.

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Blue Foods Assessment

The Blue Food Assessment, a collaboration between the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Stanford University in partnership with EAT, brings together over 100 researchers to explore the role that aquatic foods can play in building healthy, sustainable and equitable food systems.

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